Fiesta Areas for Banquets


Our Fiesta Rooms and Patios are a perfect space in our restaurants for any special event/banquet. Our reservation fees vary from $150 to $1,000 per area, depending on the size of the Fiesta Room or Patio in each restaurant. Call us or e-mail us for further details. Table cloths, crystal-cut glasses, and decorations are available for rent at an additional cost.


Dining Options

Buffet Style

  • Choose from our Fiesta Packs to give your guests our most popular catering plates!
  • Choosing this style, everything will go under one tab. No exceptions.

Open Menu Style

  • Your party has the choice to be served as an open menu if the party is between 30-40 people.
  • This allows every guest to take care of their own tabs if desired.

Three Entree Style

  • If you do not wish to limit your guests to a single entree in a buffet style set up, you may choose three entrees from our menu
  • This allows each guest to have a variety of choices
  • We can adjust the amount of each entree chosen according to the amount you wish to serve
  • Choosing this option, everything will be under one tab no exceptions